Lewis Hamilton vann F1 på Nürburgring och utökar ledningen till Bottas

Lewis Hamilton han har nu lika många segar som Michael Schumacher vilket är ett historiskt ögonblick då han dominerade och vann otroligt många race under hans karriär. Nu kan även Lewis Hamilton bli historisk när han kör om skomakaren i antal segrar.

så här kommenterade Lewis Hamilton sina 91 segrar

“It was beyond my wildest dreams to be equalling his number of race wins and it just shows that dreams can come true. It’s an incredible honour and something that will take some time to sink in. But I couldn’t have done it without this incredible team, everyone pushing so hard and giving it absolutely everything. A huge thank you to everyone back at the factories and also a huge respect for Michael, I feel really grateful today.”

Hamilton’s boss, Toto Wolff: “Congratulations to Lewis on the victory today and for equalling Michael’s record for most F1 wins. It’s an incredible moment. I remember watching F1 when Ferrari were winning every single championship. Now our team have been able to catch them up and seeing Lewis equalise Michael’s winning record, it’s much more emotional than I thought it would be. An amazing thing to witness and a fantastic drive by Lewis today.”

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